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We have 15 Years of Experience
in Home Maintenance Business

MIZHAR Technical Services established in Dubai and registered in accordance to the requirements of UAE law. In our huge years of existence, we grew in to one of the reputed company in United Arab Emirates. We are proud to have been trusted by many companies in our field of expertise.

With our operation in Dubai and spread across the entire UAE, We bring in an assortment of professional services in Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Maintenance services to ensure our clients satisfaction. Addressing the Building Maintenance challenges effectively and innovatively with our expertise and added engineering solution, we have been successful in executing numerous projects all over UAE.

We take pride in employing the best workforce in our field of expertise and technical knowledge that enable us to execute critical projects in specified time schedule without compromising on quality and safety. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to Health, Safety and Environment responsibility of our employees. We commit to maintain the perfect balance between prosperity and sustainable growth. This commitment extends to whatever we operate.

The MTS. provides services to a wide range of clients, including private homes; multifamily residences, such as apartment buildings and housing projects; schools; libraries; museums; nursing homes; hospitals; government offices; hotels/motels and resorts; restaurants; churches and synagogues; community and senior citizen centers; airports; bus stations; railroad stations; marinas; and other commercial buildings and businesses.

Service industries remained an important element of the Construction & Maintenance at the start of the twenty-first century. One of the fastest growing service industries included the renovation and building maintenance business. With changes in needs and technology, the old view of the janitor as someone who only swept out a basement has changed dramatically. While custodians or applicator still using hand tolls but they also make use of a variety of other machines, tools, and skills to keep building well maintained. For the most part, custodians and building maintenance employees work indoors, in heated and air-conditioned environments. Work shifts vary tremendously, and some establishments, such as hospitals, large hotels, or transportation companies may employ such personnel on a round-

In individual assignment, one person is responsible for a specific area. That person must know how to do all the different kinds of cleaning required, as well as basic maintenance. In a crew assignment, a team is responsible for an area, usually larger than a single area. Among them, they have all the skills required for the proper cleaning and maintenance required.

Specific air-conditioning assignments are different in that each member of the team has specific skills for a particular area. The team as a whole performs a wide range of jobs. Finally, the general assignment jobs provide almost limitless variety. There may be enough work for one person or a whole team of people. The responsibilities, as well as how many people will be assigned, vary according to needs.

Ceo Message

MTS is one of Emirates leading Building Maintenance providers. Since its early years of operation MTS has proactively kept pace with the ever changing General Maintenance industry. Offers best skills and services for all types of Building Maintenance, residential and commercial needs and has gained a reputation for excellence and customer service.

At MTS we believe in truth, honor and services to our entire customer’s. We aim to exceed our customer's expectations by understanding their requirements and customizing Building Renovation & Maintenance solutions to best suit their needs.


Khalid Saeed

MIZHAR Technical Services (R)
Cell: 055 8686 811

Our Core Services

Air Conditioning

Whether you've got an emergency, need repairs or you're planning on installing a new unit, MTS is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your air conditioning needs.


Our Mechanical Services team offer an excellent and high quality service providing the following: Design, Public Health & Drainage, Fire Protection Installations, BMS & Automatic Controls, etc


Our Electrical Services team offer an excellent and high quality service offering the following: Design, HV & LV Power Distribution, Lighting & Emergency Lighting, Lightning Protection etc.


Plumbing is a trade we have been offering since our humble beginnings and over the years we've amassed a strong, diverse team of dedicated engineers.


At MTS we understand that we’re not just entering a job site, but your home. We are guests in your home and we understand that your life doesn’t stop just because we’re there.


Commercial paving has many applications including schools, hotels, petrol stations, new house complexes, vehicle tracks, fast food outlets,office parks, shopping malls amongst many others.


We are able to supply and implement a number of different quality waterproofing products and systems, using only trusted industry brands.


Tiles are durable, long lasting, easy to clean and hygienic. Choosing the right style, design, size, colour and texture of tiles will enhance the space – so be sure to consult with your Interior Designer