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MIZHAR Technical Services is a company which has expertise in the fields of air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, painting, paving, tiling and water proofing. The company is based in Dubai, and it has established itself as a reputed home maintenance providing firm with its good service record and customer support team. The company believes in hiring top quality people, so that efficient work is conducted in all the projects they do. In fact, the company has also made a reputation by its on-time delivery and optimum utilization of resources. MIZHAR Technical Services always works on a plan; and brings in smiles to the homes and establishments they work in. However, the internet has also played a very vital part in Mizhar’s success story, from the time we took over.

How the initial approach was made to the client:

When we first took the case of Mizhar’s website, we saw that there were room and scope for improvement in the online scheme. We also convinced our client that their current webpage required a complete overhaul. And, in fact, we showed them what their website can be, and how it can help them to grow their business even further. After the ‘convincing’ was done thoroughly, we put our heads down and created a website which complemented the work professionals at Mizhar’s do. Overall, this has been one of the challenging projects that we have ever completed, but in the end all the parties involved in it, went home happy.

What happened when the job was done?

Entering the web world in a much better way has allowed the Mizhar Company to rope in new customer, and reach new horizons. Their official website has allowed people of Dubai to; reach the company, and get to know more about it in, a very quick way. And, this in turn has allowed the Mizhar to gain new customer and create new relationships in the scope of Home Improvement projects. Their current website now has the following features and specs;

  • It looks Professional and Official with good position of content throughout
  • It is filled with quality content and SEO implementation
  • It is Elegant, yet stylish
  • Absolutely User friendly
  • Has better ergonomics
  • Is Interactive and yet, sophisticated at the same time
  • The challenges faced during the website creation:

    When we first took over the web page, we saw that the current page of the company lacked a basic structure. So, for the company’s benefit, we started from scratch and developed a new website platform idea altogether, along with an attractive website logo and banner styles. This included using both, back and front end based web site development work, as page lacked it at first. We also faced challenges upon the content of the website; so we reedited the whole texts and created meaningful, but propounding content, which included SEO work too. Finally, we also made sure directory submission was implanted for better search engine ranking. Implementing all these changes made sure that the company got the right foothold in the website promotional phase and hence got an upper hand against their rivals.

    Client’s testimonial:

    I am extremely happy with the changes Zartash Technologies has made to our site. Keep up the good work guys. ---CEO

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